Who will benefit when Congress returns to the funding landmark

  Huffman, Texas (AB) - Don't tell Laura Fields that giving $ 1.7 million to flood-affected areas is going to be a waste of money. During Hurricane Harvey, his home in the Houston area was filled with 10 inches of water.

"The tension is bad," Fields said. "You know, it's bad to see fish swimming at home."

Huffman, Texas, came in the form of funds sought by Republican Don Grenshaw, his member for improving drainage and flood control, when Congress began removing federal spending barriers, often called the annual mark. It is one of thousands of petitions filed by MPs. ..

Ermark, who has been ousted from the Congress for more than a decade, is making a sudden and vigorous comeback. Members of both parties complain about the inability to pass the spending law and are concerned that Congress has overstated the administration's wallet. To avoid corruption, MPs changed and renamed the process.

Tests can fluctuate in response to voter responses, particularly in areas of uncertainty about Washington's spending. Many Republicans in Congress, in theory, refuse to offer it as an option. In a statement, Glenshaw said he is "proud" of protecting the resources that help his members, adding that the flood control sign was "more evidence of recovery from future flood events". I guarantee that you will not spend it. "

"It's not a waste of money, sir," Fields said. "These are our homes. Here we need to be safe and secure and not have to worry about every storm."

About $ 14 billion, or 1 percent of alternative spending, will be used to represent this year's spending bill. Members' demands published on the website of the House Expenditure Committee violate previously specified roads, bridges and research grants.

For example, Garrett Graves of the Republic of Louisiana wants 75,775,000 for a mobile clinic that provides free cancer screening to rural people in his area.

Pennsylvania Democrat Mary Kay Shanlon wants $ 650,000 for mental health professionals to cooperate with police or intervene when facing a mental health crisis.

It has not been decided yet which project to fund. Democrat Leader of the House Expenditure Commission Rosa Delaro said she could submit 10 requests, but "no one will receive 10 requests."

The Canal Canal supporters have set up guards to prevent previous complaints about corruption and waste. However, more than 100 House Republicans and one Democrat refused to participate in what is now known as the "Social Project Fund".

Graves said he is seeking money from the Mobile Cancer Screening Unit because some communities in his district experience higher than national cancer rates.

"You hear it over and over again, lack of access to care, difficult to get promises, cheap," Graves said. "Since this kind of thing is the provider that comes to you, we're going to discuss all these flaws and challenges in history. 2021 Doctor, call home with that little black bag."

When members of the House Republican Conference changed the rules earlier this year, Graves voted against the revival of Airmark. He said the process could be further improved, but in the end it was better than the federal agency guiding the money goal. He said that MPs have more responsibility when they have to express their demands and defend them.

One of his demands was that Scolon protested the deaths of policemen George Floyd and other African Americans, taking advantage of experiences in Philadelphia and elsewhere last summer.

"I have often heard that the police come to 911 when they are mentally ill, which can lead to misunderstandings and dangerous mistakes," Scanlon said. It has been Said.

Scanlon cited the death of Walter Wallace Jr. in Philadelphia. Last year, he was seriously injured when he disregarded the order to release the knife. Her mother said that she had warned the police that her son was on the verge of a mental health crisis.

"Police arrived at the scene and they were not charged with tacers," Scanlon said. "They did not know how to make the situation worse. Within a minute Walter Wallace was shot multiple times and died."

He said district law enforcement officers and local emergency medical systems are seeking funds to coordinate psychiatrists with law enforcement agencies. It is one of 10 projects that he has chosen from around 60 applicants. The House Expenditure Committee investigated this list further.

"Setting expectations too low is part of the challenge of using the program because we don't know if we'll get any share," Scanlon said.

There are many other critics of identity in the Congress. About half of Republican congressmen have refused to take funding for local projects, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and R-Khalifa.

The Conservative Group Club for Growth said that report card score votes would be added if the delegates signed a letter written by Rep. Cipro.

The panel said the signs were used as a "legal bribe" to encourage lawmakers to spend large sums elsewhere.

"Because you're a monitoring group, Congressmen said 'get the bridge', 'get the museum', 'I got it," Roy said. "I think that's the biggest problem."

Senate Republicans are setting aside congressional rules, but lawmakers are not bound by them.

Separately, the Housing Transport Infrastructure Authority will include provisions for bills approving funding for roads, bridges and transportation projects. Democrats have demanded funding for 1,775 projects, while Republicans have asked for funding for 605 projects.

As part of the review process, legislators are required to provide proof of social support for their identity.

In Texas, Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia said 40% of homes in the Huffman area have been flooded and some have been flooded repeatedly.

The money will be used to upgrade and widen existing roadside canals and inscriptions, which will drain water and carry it to creeks and other waterways. The reform is one of Harris County's two voter-approved flood control projects in 2018, with a $ 2.5 billion bond deal. In March, a district planning commissioner said it faces a $ 1.4 billion deficit to fully fund a flood control plan for a bond project. .

Federal funding will help close the gap, Garcia said.

"I've been waiting for four years since Hurricane Harvey, and I can't wait any longer," Garcia said. "Mother Nature does not want to give us too much public apology."

Reported by Fricking Washington. Houston Associated Press writer Juan A. Lozano contributed to this report.

Who will benefit when the Congress returns to financial milestones?

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