Oppo F17 Pro Review


Oppo introduces another slim and light smartphone F17 Pro. However, unlike the Renault 4 Pro (review), this model is priced at Rs. 22,990. Sub Rs. The 25,000 segment is currently not packed with a million different offers, which will give the F17 Pro a chance to try and make a name for itself here.

If you have read my first post on the Oppo F17 Pro, you already know how sleek the design is and two of my favorite features so far. But what about the rest? While not competitive, there are some heavy hitters such as the Redmi K20 (review) and more recently RealMe 7 Pro (review), both of which compete directly with the F17 Pro. It is time to see if you want to keep your money in balance or save for the competition.
Design and display of Oppo F17 Pro: the two strongest cases

I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of people buy Oppo F17 Pro for its design. It is 7.48 mm thick and weighs 164 grams, making it incredibly convenient for long-term use as gaming or text messaging. The frame and back panel are made of plastic. It looks soft at first, but this phone still feels bumpy. The magic blue color I have is beautiful in the sun, and you can see hints of purple on the edges. This split design seems to be a popular trend as it is included in the new RealMe 7-Series.

There is not much protrusion in the rear cameras, and the design of the lens is the same as we saw on the Oppo Renault 4 Pro. You will find USB Type-C port, headphone socket and speaker. To the left is a three-slot tray that can hold two Nano SIMs and a microSD card.
On the front, the Oppo F17 Pro has a 6.43-inch Super AMOLED display with full resolution + HD and maximum brightness 800 nits. Unfortunately, this is only a 60Hz panel and not 90Hz or 120Hz. No HDR authentication, which is a bit disappointing. However, thanks to the AMOLED panel, you can use the feature that is always displayed to check times and alerts. On the display you will find a fingerprint sensor. The latter has served me well in my experience, and also has facial recognition.
Oppo F17 Pro specification, performance and software: a neat thing

In my experience the performance is better. In everyday use, the Oppo F17 Pro feels great
 Be fast and responsive when loading apps or passing through Android menu system. The Android skin used is ColorOS 7.2, which we saw on the Renault 4 Pro. There are custom apps like Smart Sidebar, Quick Revenue Bubble, Themes and Oppo Relax. The F17 Pro gets a new gesture called 'Air Answer', which allows you to answer or reject calls by pointing in front of selfie cameras. It works decently and is easy if you have to answer the call without touching the phone.

The Oppo F17 Pro uses MediaTek, Helio P95 SoC and comes in a single configuration with 8GB LPDTR4X RAM and 128GB UFS 2.1 storage. The Octa-core SoC is relatively fast, but not as powerful, for example, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G or Snapdragon 730, by definition anyway. AnTuTu scored 2,03,472, while the T-Rex graphics test on GFXBench returned to 45fps. These are not bad numbers, but they still follow what Qualcomm's equivalent chips can hold.

Despite this, the gaming performance is quite good. Games like Odmar, Pixel Gun 3D and Battle Prime all run smoothly. The in-game graphics are beautiful, and the gameplay is smooth. Overheating is also not a problem, except that the back of the phone heats up a bit, making it easier to hold even with longer gaming sessions.

Visual video is a great experience to watch as the colors are porous and the lighting is more than adequate. There is a subtle blue color problem when I see the white background slightly on the axis, but I don't see it as a big hurdle. The bottom speaker was slightly louder, but the ability to use the earpiece as a secondary speaker for stereo is even better.
Oppo F17 Pro's battery life: enough

The 4,015 mAh battery lasts one and a half days on average for medium light usage. It also performed well in our HD video loop test, which ran for 16 hours 48 minutes. Thanks to the 30W fast charge to the battery. In my experience, I fully charged it within an hour.

Oppo F17 Pro Camera: Very Good

The Oppo F17 Pro has a total of six cameras, marketed as "AI Portrait Cameras". It includes a 48-megapixel f / 1.7 main camera, an 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle camera, a 2-megapixel monochrome camera, and a 2-megapixel depth camera. The front has a 16-megapixel main selfie camera and a 2-megapixel depth camera.

The camera app in Oppo F17 Pro has neither macro camera nor macro mode. I wouldn't say it's a total loss because most of the dedicated macro cameras on the phones I tested were not perfect. However, in this case, I think a dedicated low resolution is better than a monochrome camera. It can only be used in portrait mode, and the 'OP7' filter is selected wherever.

During the day, the Samsung GM1's main sensor captures sharp and detailed 12-megapixel binocular images. Expressions and colors are also well-liked without any desired concentration stimulation. Autofocus is reliable, making it easy to capture close people. Sometimes I find myself tapping on the screen so that the phone is forced to reveal something properly, but most do not. Although the details are slightly smooth, the ultra wide angle camera captures shots with the same exposure.

Portrait mode worked well, blurring out the exact areas behind me in most cases. You can adjust the amount of background blur before taking a shot.

Low light photos are not bad, but the details are weak when I zoom them in. Like the sky, there are small grains in the dark rocks. Night mode helps adjust noise and exposure, but the detail is not improved. However, I was lucky enough to be with close ones, which showed slightly better detail than the Bina in Night Mode.

The main front camera took a good selfie in good light. Facial detail is fine and skin tone is usually natural. Portrait mode for selfies will not produce very pleasant results, but it will if you have to use it. Selfie is not good in low light, but if there is enough artificial light around you then you will get shots available.

On the Oppo F17 Pro you can shoot up to 4K video, but unfortunately, without confirmation. I also noticed that colors are slightly off when shooting at this resolution. Videos are stable in 1080p, but the quality is slightly poor. You can shoot video using ultra wide angle cameras, but only at 1080p, you have to change the cameras before you start shooting. The quality is below average and there is no confirmation. Even if you use the main camera, the picture quality is not good in low light.
Verdict: Should you buy Oppo F17 Pro?

Oppo F17 Pro is a beautiful phone, mostly because of how thin and light it is. This is modern thanks to the exposed lens design of the rear cameras. Battery life is also very good, it charges quickly and has a good display.

However, I think the camera's performance could have been better, although there were six of them, with only a few being noticeable. The performance, though good on its own, seems slightly weaker than phones like the Realme 7 Pro (review) and the Redmi K20 (review), which are also available at similar prices.

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