Last week, Heather Johnson, commissioner of the Maine Department of Economic and Social Development (DECD)

 Five new COVID-19 cases were reported this afternoon, one from a catering company and four from Muvanikoso in Nashik.

Muvanikozo remains a place in Nassineau with four cases from two different houses.

They were all located within the Muvanikozo control area and were currently taken as part of a mass screening to be held in the region over the weekend.

The fifth case involves cluster simulation.

This person is an employee of a catering team that provides food after the last rites held at the Jambula Cluster Home.

A total of 97 cases have been isolated in Fiji and our first case in March 2020 is now 235.

Permanent Secretary for Health, Dr. James Feng, in his recent experience said that the virus is spread indoors and spread to workplace and community gatherings.

It said that a large number of employees, especially in workplaces and supermarkets, were at high risk of spreading the disease.

"We urge all workplaces, including supermarkets and other businesses, to reconsider your practices and ensure that you follow the protocols we have established to eliminate proliferation. Remove, ensure that employees are unwell Do not work, and ensure that all employees follow and implement these procedures. All must download the Fiji Maintenance Application. The Ministry of Commerce, Trade, Tourism and Transport works with business owners - especially supermarkets - and the transport sector to ensure that everyone understands the procedures to be followed. "

Dr. Fong said that he had also found evidence that people traveled by public transport or went to the store despite experiencing symptoms.

"We should all take personal responsibility to stop the spread of this virus. We should all now recognize the symptoms. Common symptoms of COVID-19 include fatigue, fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath, body ache or Includes a sudden loss of taste. Smell. "

The proximity of apartments where people live close to each other is a major concern, and the Ministry of Health wants to get rid of them, meaning that our clothes are now growing at the disposal of known cases.

There is some good news as the results of the 7,000 backlog swap model sent to Australia for testing have been obtained.

"Everything was negative except for re-examination of unspecified samples from La Toga. Most of the samples were backlinks and a large number of negative results were not expected, and then this 7,000 block was shipped from outside the region to Australia, including several samples. . From the northern section. Another 4,000 swabs were tested in Australia. We are eager to see the results of the samples.

Fiji has now done 576,050 screenings and 24,855 swaps through mobile screening programs, healthcare facilities, standard scanning clinics and contact monitoring screenings. Performed for positive events.

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