GameSir X2 USB-C mobile controller review Elevating Xbox Game Pass streaming

 Thanks to the Xbox Game Pass, you can now play a variety of Xbox games on our phones via cloud streaming. Usually I like tablets for Xbox GamePass cloud streaming for their large display, but sometimes you don't want to move a large tablet close to the controller.

The best way to use Xbox GamePass mobile today is to use gamepad clips such as Razer Kishi, usually on phones. Kishi is on the expensive side, and it only fits in a small subgroup of Android devices. What if there is something that works on almost any Android phone? This is the 40% cheaper camcorder X2, the best clip of a gaming phone I've used.

The GameSer X2 currently costs $ 60 to write, which is cheaper than its closest rivals, Razer Kishi and Razor Jungle Gate. You can get it directly from the official CamSir website or through most online retailers. Amazon owns the Camcorder X2; Make sure you buy the right one. The White Camcorder X2 is Type-C USB-C based. There is a gray camcorder X2 that uses Bluetooth instead.

The GameSer X2 is a USB-C based phone clip that eliminates the terrible delay that comes with Bluetooth. Most games and phone clips on the market depend on Bluetooth connectivity, but if you run Xbox Game Pass titles through the cloud, delaying the mix too much is prohibited. The X2 has a unique patented USB-pivot connection that makes it easy to channel almost any USB-C based phone.

The clamp has rubberized grips at one end, which ensures that it is firmly in place, making the position easy and simple following a robust spring-filled design. I use the Razor Phone 2 as my Xbox streaming device because of its facing speakers and 16: 9 aspect ratio. It works well on any phone. My Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra fits like a glove.

If you wish, the Camcorder X2 comes with a portable case and extra rubber. Stick with the ergonomic feel of grip sticks, which are not as good as the best Xbox controllers, stick with the best third-party joysticks I use. The action on the trigger and button is also good, with a simple lip on the square to aid in handling and action. It's so easy to emphasize triggers, and it didn't take me long to solve the game, I just forgot to look at the product.

GameSer X2 has two different modes. One is the standard Android gamepad layout, the other is designed specifically for Xbox. If you are playing it for use with an Xbox Game Pass when you first plug it in, you can get a separate gameplay app to flip the controller to Xbox mode. At first, it did not recognize the Start and View buttons, but after restarting the controller, it worked as intended, and then I was given no problem.

The controller has a good amount of space to install reverse ventilation, and the controller has a good amount of battery life, which should prolong longer gaming sessions. While some older phones do not support charging when using a gamepad, the USB-C port also allows pass-through charging on your severed phone. Battery life is good and if you are not tough all day then there should be no problem.

Another awesome feature of this controller is the addition of a screenshot button that triggers competing solutions, much like the Nintendo Switch. The inverted corners have rubberized handles and rounded edges, although the shape is designed to sit on the table without any angles. Overall, the gamer has done excellent work on every hardware aspect of this device.

Although the camcorder X2's hardware is excellent, I can't say it for the feel of the app. Finding settings to flip the control program from Android to Xbox is a small task that is buried at the beginning of the store system. The firmware update is also unclear, and the localization in English is not good, with too many typos and grammatical errors. I hope GameSir can take advantage of this in the future.

Another great review that I can use on the X2 is stick fitting only. It is a very body tight controller, which is also small on the Nintendo Switch. I put my thumb on the offset stick, on the bottom right, and felt really embarrassed over time. No matter how small, I think it's good to put the stick on top, but they like to reflect the offset styles found on the Nintendo Switch and Xbox controllers. Future versions will do it again. To accommodate some of the best tablets for playing Xbox game passes, I think the X2 might be a bit taller and also a bit wider, even if it is only an 8-inch model. Inch.

The GameSer X2 is honestly the best tool I've used, and now I use a proper one in search of a mobile controller that can enhance the Xbox Game Pass mobile experience.

The Camcorder X2 Razer Kishi is not comfortable to use, so to speak, but the trigger and buttons are good, and the joysticks are comparable. The Camcorder X2 also features a carry-on, extra thumb rubber grips and a clamp design. The Clamp Razer alone offers a better resolution than the Kishi, which is only compatible with a small subset of phones. Most other controllers I've tried had many failures, and using things like 8 bit is embarrassing. All things considered, I am very happy to call Best Mobile Phone Clip for GameSeer X2 Streaming for Xbox Game Pass.

Honestly, the GameSer X2 is the best mobile phone control adapter I have ever used. The USB-C connection eliminates the lag that comes with Bluetooth, and the X2 is more versatile than some of its competitors. The unique Moving USB-C connector makes it easy to install, and playing the game on both Android and Xbox Game Pass is beyond the frenzy of touch controls.
If you want to buy it ...

    You like sports while traveling, without difficulty touching
    You like to play games on Android devices, but you don't want Bluetooth delay
    You like something like Razor Kishi, but less than this

You should not buy it ...

    Your phone does not support USB-C
    You have an iphone

Yes, usage is incredibly poor, yes, the size of the controller is very small. If you are a person with particularly big hands, then there is no doubt that it will be very comfortable. However, these are small seizures that do not affect the overall experience.

It is cheaper than its main competitor, while at the same time supporting a larger range of devices, complete with a carrying case, and better button-triggering action. With all of this in mind, it is definitely the best controller choice for Xbox Game Pass cloud play today.

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