Coronavirus LIVE Pfizer, Moderna won't sell vaccines to Delhi, says CM

  Direct update: India is registering a steady decline in the number of new corona virus cases on May 8, following increased infection in the country. However, the daily number was not greatly reduced. According to MoHFW, India saw 223,601 new cases on Monday, totaling 26,752,447. In the official Indian records, over 300,000 people have now surrendered to Government-19. On Sunday alone, 4,455 people lost their lives due to the virus, taking the death toll to 303,720. The vaccine showed the following map amid fears of a third wave over the next 6-8 months.

Tamil Nadu tops the list of 35,483 cases reported in the last 24 hours. Maharashtra continued with 26,672 new epidemics. There were 25,979 cases in Karnataka, 25,820 in Kerala and 18,767 in Andhra Pradesh. The number of cases in West Bengal is 18,422.

Maharashtra (5,579,897), Karnataka (2,424,904), Kerala (2,317,911), Tamil Nadu (1,806,861), Uttar Pradesh (1,670,020), and Andhra Pradesh (1,580,827).

Global Corona Virus Update: Corona virus cases are increasing worldwide, with 167,506,335 people affected by the deadly lake. Out of the 148,581,009 people who have been cured, 3,477,774 people have died so far. The United States is the worst country with 33,896,035, followed by India, Brazil, France and Turkey. However, in the last seven days, India has reported the highest number of 1,845,781 new cases, followed by Brazil (456,826) and Argentina (223,748).

Third major challenge of side-effects of Government-19: Haryana Chief Minister

Havid Prime Minister Manohar Lal Katar on Monday said that after Sarkar-19 and a possible third wave there will be major challenges in the coming days.
Addressing a press conference, the Prime Minister said, "After Sarkar-19 and the effects of the third wave are challenges for us. We should be prepared for the third wave. We start a joint project Sanjeevani project for Sarkar-19 are doing."
The Chief Minister also referred to the efforts related to the government in the state. "We have 20,000 oxygen beds with ventilators and 30,000 beds in government-19 centers," he said. Haryana, which is currently witnessing an increase in Sarkar-19 cases, has also reported cases of black fungus.

Pfizer refuses to sell vaccines in modern Delhi: Arvind Kejriwal

US Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal said today that pharmaceutical companies Pfizer and Moderna would not sell vaccines directly in Delhi, saying that the vaccine manufacturers were clear that "they will deal with the government." Central ". Vaccination for 18-44 year olds was suspended on Saturday.
Kejriwal said, "We talked to Pfizer and Moderna for the vaccines. The two manufacturers refused to sell the vaccines directly to us. They said they would deal with the federal government. We had decided to import the vaccines from the center and distribute them to the states." Appealed. " Journalists this afternoon.
His statement came at a time when Punjab had said that Moderna refused to sell the vaccine directly to the state. Officials said that the Amarinder Singh government has reached all such manufacturers.
More than 10 million doses of Govit-19 vaccine given to 18-44 year olds in India

India has surpassed an important milestone in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, a level of corona virus vaccine for people aged 18-44, as part of the third phase of the vaccine campaign being run in the country. Has exceeded crores. Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Covit-19 is not convinced that it was made naturally, Dr. Fuchi said

Dr. Anthony Fusi, a leading American expert on infectious diseases, said he does not believe that novel corona viruses occur naturally and called for a transparent investigation into the origin of the Govit-19 virus.
When Dr. Fasi asked at a program whether he was still convinced that the corona virus had originated naturally, he said: "I'm not sure, I think we should continue the investigation as long as we know It does not know what happened in China. What happened to our ability. "
"Of course, investigators say it comes from an animal pond that has been contaminated after individuals, but it could be something else, we need to find it. So, you know, so I said that I I am in favor of any investigation that will find out the source of the virus, "Dr. Fuki said. Quoted by Fox News.
Biden's top medical advisor released these statements during the event 'United Truth of America: A True Analysis Event'.

 BJP leaders in Indore have asked the city police to file a sedition case against former Prime Minister of Madhya Pradesh and Congress leader Kamal Nath for their controversial statement on Sarkar-19.

BJP leaders on Sunday submitted a memorandum to Indore Inspector General of Police Harinarayan Sari Mishra, demanding action against former Chief Minister Nath.

Speaking to ANI, Indore BJP leader Kaura Rao Ranadive said, "Recently, two videos of Kamal Nath went viral. In one video, he asked the party workers to 'accept'. In the other video, he is corona virus Spreads, an Indian. Virus. He was destroying the image. "

Ranadive said, "BJP leaders in Indore met the IGP and submitted a memorandum demanding an FIR against Nath."

The Indore BJP leader, who came to meet Kamal Nath in the district, said, "Indore is an island of peace. Someone like him spreads hatred and enmity. We feel that peace should not be endangered in Indore."

Indore Harinarayan IGP Sari Mishra told media persons that the memorandum against Kamal Nath was submitted due to two issues, including defining the corona virus variant as 'Indian corona'.

Mishra said, "Legal action will be taken after the investigation of the case."

Meanwhile, an FIR has been lodged in Bhopal against Kamal Nath in this case.

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