12 best video games in 2022

 The year is now officially up and we have curated a list of the most popular video games to play in 2021. We also have covered every platform, from Nintendo to Microsoft to Google’s Chrome to create this list for all gamers to enjoy. So, let’s get started!

For those who are not aware, today you can purchase or download any game on Amazon, Microsoft Store, Google Play, Apple App Store, YouTube, etc. These days, it has become easy to access and download almost any game available online. There’s even the possibility that one can download some free and paid games too. But before downloading any game, they should check out our article about best Android apps & best iOS phones.

Top 10 Best Videos Games In 2022

The top 10 video games in 2021 are as follows:

FIFA The Ultimate edition (2 GB+ Storage) – FIFA The ultimate edition includes more than two hours of gameplay and features the latest version of EA Sports FIFA 19 which allows players to take part in various tournaments using new teams, new matches, and new modes. It is a must-have game for all gamers who love competing. Also Read More

Genshin Impact 2 (2 GB+ Storage) – Genshin Impact 2 offers smooth action-packed gaming experience with stunning visuals and thrilling storylines. This sequel brings exciting events and characters into your life, exploring different worlds and adventures. Players will be able to enjoy a completely revamped story with hundreds of exciting battles, diverse content and amazing graphics. Also read More

Genshin Impact Legends Edition + 3 Days Free (2 GB+ Storage) – Newly launched Genshin Impact Legends Edition helps you explore the world of Serenity by bringing an altogether unique experience to its players. From breathtaking futuristic worlds to fascinating historical settings, each day is filled with wonderful scenes, beautiful stories and exciting villains of the past, all set against gorgeous Japanese artworks and music tracks. Get Started Now Available Download Genshin Impact Legends Edition 2GB+ Storage | Free For IOS Download Genshin Impact Legend Edition + 3 Days Free Download Now Available On Google Play Download Genshin Impact Legend

Genshin Impact Monster Hunting Gameplay By Funimation – Here, enjoy fun playing Monster Hunter with multiple monsters including kaboomai, giant squid, wolf and other monsters with their own strengths and weaknesses. You will take on monsters like fox, lion, panda, bear, leopard, rabbit, dragon, etc. All of these monsters will be able to help in hunting them down and defeating them. Let's play Monster Hunters Together and Live Your Life! Go To Official Website Play

Genshin Impact Gold & Silver – Become a Master of Dragons and Battle Beyblade – Discover the magic of becoming a master of Dragon’s Classroom 1 and complete the campaign without taking a single hit. Over time, your mastery level grows and leads you closer towards completing your current task. The difficulty increases as your skill levels increase, while your rewards and achievements change. As a player, you’ll progress through tasks and receive special bonuses when successful. Earn Achievements And Unlock Special Bonuses With Gold Coins & Treasure Boxes You Can Collect A plethora of items in order to unlock valuable rewards, such as silver, gold, and extra coins. As you earn new Coins and Tiles, you’ll find yourself unlocked in the game. You can then use it to upgrade your character and progress further through missions. To start playing, get ready to gather lots of Coin Credits and Treasure Boxes. If you want to buy more Treasure Boxes for faster progression of Gold & Silver, click here to see the store option. Download Genshin Impact Gold & Silver

Astro's Odyssey – Explore Space and look for extraterrestrial aliens living among you. Use three satellites to track a mysterious alien race called “Oumuamua” that suddenly disappeared after entering space and vanishing into thin air. After traveling far away from Earth for years, Oumuamua is spotted by NASA, but he disappears again. What happened to him? That's what you'll solve in the real-world adventure. Explore vast spaces, brave terrifying creatures, discover unknown places, meet astronauts, fly across space, fight gravity fields etc. Astro’s Odyssey Gameplay Multiplayer Online 3D Adventure – See how well you can navigate the treacherous waters in an attempt to return home. Complete quests to collect essential resources and overcome obstacles to reach the destination. Make great decisions in combat and exploration scenarios, learn the core values of a society, and face difficult bosses. Download Astro’s Odyssey Gameplay Multiplayer Online 3D Quest 1TB+ Storage – Enjoy challenging puzzles and mysteries without experiencing fatigue. Don't miss this fantastic story. How To Save Time In Combat Or Mission Control? Are you looking for new ways to save precious time when searching for weapons, crafting equipment, and training for battle? Then Astro’s Odyssey is the perfect game for you. An engaging open-world map and a vast range of skills makes it the ideal choice. Not only does it provide a wide variety of entertainment opportunities. However, it’s also a very good educational piece that allows students to study concepts of physics and biology. The user can enjoy both online multiplayer and offline campaigns and share information and strategies. Download Astro’s Odyssey Gameplay Multiplayer Online 3D Quest 1TB+ Storage

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order - Fight Against Evil Forces - Star Wars is known for its compelling story and amazing world. Even though the fictional universe is extremely rich, there are still the forces that try to break everything and destroy everything. Therefore, it’s easier to conquer the galaxy if you go against Darth Vader, the leader of the Empire of Light. At first glance, the name seems odd, so you need to understand the rules of the game. Follow this guide and choose your side. Will you be able to defeat the evil Force, or join them? Yes! Is Darth Vader really worth your life and heart of mine? No, no… That's why you need to follow this guide every step of the way, and this game will teach you many lessons. Just remember to keep your eyes peeled and prepare as soon as possible to save the Galaxy. Download Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Multiplayer Online 3D Puzzles - Try to solve puzzles in front of colorful objects on Cloud City by collecting and upgrading boxes featuring plenty of useful items. When finding this type of puzzle, focus on building a strong team. Once everyone gathers together around, solving the challenges becomes much easier. Each member should have different abilities, and this game will reward the right amount of work. Learn the basics of cloud building and make excellent team members. Upload your videos and answer questions in quick answers mode. Build your cloud city by unlocking facilities and trading equipment to expand and grow it. Find new things at the same time by trading goods and services. Have friends to play with! Upgrade your skills by adding cool gadgets and expanding your knowledge with each passing day. This game will improve the quality of your life and allow you to live as independently as possible. Download Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Multiplayer Online 3D Puzzles 3GB+ Storage – Do you like being surrounded by nature? Like walking along beautiful beaches, enjoying fresh-air, and seeing greenery in the mountains. Imagine spending the whole day relaxing at a coffee shop overlooking the sea, surrounded by nature. Sounds wonderful? We bet it is. Pick up lots of Coffee Beans and Tea Leaves and create a nice cozy atmosphere at Starbucks. Travel Back in Time For a Week at Night in this magical place you will visit many times during your week. Choose where to stay, where to go, and how long you have to spend. Many types of people appreciate having peace of mind that comes thanks to this trip. During the journey, you will find new plants and forests, waterfalls, and unique landscapes. Plus, it will show your loved ones that the skies are not always stormy. Prepare for a lot of fun surprises. Visit many locations in order to see their beauty. Spend so much time with your families and friends! There are endless choices in this game and so many possibilities to experiment with. You will feel the presence of powerful forces in this action-packed game. Download Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Gameplay Multiplayer Online 3D Puzzles 3GB+ Storage

The Amazing Spider-Man Venom – Feel Insanely Exciting Action Everywhere You Look Venom is the next big superhero comic book series which was created by Marvel Comics. There is a huge hype regarding Spider-Man making a comeback in film, but the truth is that the movie and webbing versions can be quite disappointing. Only the spider-Man franchise is consistent when adapting to modern audiences, but it would have been better had Spider-Man joined the Avengers. He has superpowers and many more things to offer to his fans. Moreover, he can be easily manipulated or harmed by any enemy. Thus, the web-shooters should get the credit for destroying enemies using his powers. Yet another threat is produced by spiders. They have a certain ability to produce venom, which he gets the power to put behind an invisibility cloak. The main objective of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is to deal with webs that threaten Venom. This role requires him to move fast and react appropriately. The game will feature a spectacular web that is constantly evolving, with every shot being upgraded and improved. Furthermore, the story of Spider-Man has already been adapted to a stage musical. Why not collaborate with Sony Pictures and give the fans their favorite hero? Especially since Spider-Man: Venom is showing up in Hollywood. Nevertheless, a surprising development suggests that Spider-Man could possibly

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