top 12 best smartphones 2022

 top 12 best smartphones 2022

It was difficult to select a list of top 20 best smartphones at first, as we didn't have many options and all the

manufacturers don't have an official smartphone range. So it looks like there's no single answer or one big winner of

smartphone categories, so you can choose from any phone in your budget, like some competitors like OnePlus 8 or Huawei 7.

The only thing that has been stable these last few years is price but now that those brands are moving towards more

expensive devices, their prices are becoming unstable. Therefore, I decided to make this list for my readers who are

looking for smartphones with good camera quality, reliable battery, fast internet, great cameras but not much to buy them

for the money. However, some people might miss such choices because they consider our selection just average. You know

what, if anything, our decisions are far from average. In 2021, when most of us were stuck at home for months and even

years, we got better phones than ever and I reckon you should get as many models and prices as possible for yourself too.

So without further ado, let's start!

Best Android Phones (2022)

1. Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

Samsung's two-year old flagship smartphone is finally ready. Despite being older, the 6.7 inch screen makes it very capable

and convenient, making your life simpler. This device has everything a typical Android user would need. Battery lasts

longer, powerful RAM, enough storage, and the fastest processor. But it will also save you time with its 5G support and 4K

video recording. Also, it offers an excellent camera system for taking photo and videos. There's a Snapdragon 888 which

supports almost every game you play. What's interesting for me is their new 120Hz display that offers refresh rate up to

144Hz. Other features include stereo speakers with a 2,000 mAh battery and Dolby Atmos surround sound. You'll pay $999.99

for the base version and upgrade for the highest model.

2. OnePlus 9 Pro + 128 GB / 256 GB

I think the OnePlus 10 series is still going strong. That's what I had in mind while selecting the best smartphones of

2022. Although this year won't see its original design, this model offers high specifications and durability. It's also an

excellent value. For instance, you can get the best of both worlds: the standard variant comes with 128 GB memory; the

"Luxe" is equipped with more RAM and storage; while the highest level - 256 GB can be combined with the main battery and an

extra charging port. The regular model costs $899.99 whereas the limited edition - $1349.99.

3. Xiaomi Mi 11T Lite

The Xiaomi MI11T Lite gives power of the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon chips. Unfortunately, the Chinese brand doesn't offer a

charger. They also include a 3D TFT display, which shows the resolution, brightness, and contrast of the image and provides

information about temperature, light, and the surroundings. A small fingerprint scanner, NFC, USB-C port, wireless charging

and Bluetooth. Not forgetting two large speakers with audio. The company also promises 16GB of RAM, 256GB of storage for

the basic model and 512 GB+for the other versions. It's also worth mentioning the price. We have already mentioned it

earlier but I'm going to tell that you'll pay $599.99 for the full 6GB + 128GB capacity. Another advantage - Xiaomi is

supporting OnePlus 10 series and therefore, you'll find more accessories here.

4. Samsung Galaxy S22 Series

Samsung is the world leader in smartphone technology and this latest model uses the newest chipset. With this, you have a

huge choice on whether you want the smaller size, bigger screen or both. The biggest advantage is the 8.8 inch screen.

So this device is a mix between a mid-range smartphone and a premium model at the same time. You can use the latest

Snapdragon chip with this. A bit less RAM and storage, but more performance and security features. Yes, I know that it's

pricey, but that's exactly why you should choose this one. If you're looking for a big screen, then this isn't going to

disappoint. It's perfect for those, who love playing games and watching movies. The cheapest model costs just $1,299.00. It

feels very heavy, especially compared to the others. If you want to spend a little more I suggest it. Just remember to look

for a charger. Also, be on the lookout for preorders. As soon as the order is out, after it goes into production, the

product will be available online.

5. iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPhone 12 Pro Max gives you a great camera experience in a small form factor. And yes, it does feel heavy. But with

everything Apple brings to the table and the overall experience, this model is really worth it. If you want a massive

screen, then you can get this one too. Of course, you don't want to pay a dollar, you can go with a smaller sized battery.

You have more storage as well as a bigger screen. But this one is made of recycled materials that makes it lightweight and

therefore, durable.

6. LG G9 ThinQ Flex

The LG G9 is another affordable option to keep in your pocket. While this device is thinner when folded, you may have

trouble adjusting it to your hands. But as long as you have a big screen, you won't complain. As soon as one arrives, LG is

ready to ship you an exclusive edition right now! You could choose an OLED screen instead. The final word is that the price

is $599.00.

7. Moto G Power

As long as you're looking for something simple with a good camera and decent specs, this Moto G power is the way to go. And

yes, it means that you get dual selfie lenses. Thanks to this, the handset works on both 5G and Wi-Fi. Its rear fingerprint

sensor is also working perfectly. Not forgetting 5G connectivity. The price starts at $259.99, but the contract is for 14


8. Google Pixel 6

The Google Pixel 5 is back. However, it doesn't end with the previous version. Instead, Pixel 6 gives more than just a

flagship. The 8.8 inches super AMOLED screen, the ultrafast processing, three generations of OS and plenty of great

hardware. One more important thing is the battery, which lasts up to 21 hours. But this one is packed with an efficient 6.5

GHz Snapdragon chip. On the other hand, the 64MP Sony IMX582 sensor allows you to take photos, selfies and edit. No matter

what your needs are. Google is always there to meet your expectations! The maximum RAM is 8GB, the RAM is expandable by 50

GB. I consider this to be one of the best smartphones I've seen. Maybe you don't know, how big that is? Then, at least

Google knows. Even though this is quite pricey, you do it for a reason. You'll definitely enjoy using a Google account. Let

me tell you again, it's worth paying that much.

9. Lenovo X1 Fold 2

The Lenovo X1 Fold is part of the Lenovo portfolio. And while I'm talking about it, I'd like to mention that this one is

one of the finest foldables ever. Well, Lenovo is known to be producing the best products for their customers and they have

done it once again on this fantastic machine. It's a portable computer for everyone, regardless of age or skill level. In

addition to that, you can use it for work and school, and have a very comfortable typing position. For students, it's

amazing. There is a 15-inch touchscreen, 3K IPS, 32MP lens, 500 mAh battery, and a 180-degree tilt.

10. Samsung W10

The Samsung Galaxy W10 is a solid choice if you're looking for a powerful smartphone and a wide screen. It does everything

the competition doesn't. It has a gigantic 7.9-inch display that is sure to grab your attention. Moreover, it's also one of

the fastest processors, and it's powered by an octa-core Snapdragon 5G, so that you'll always stay ahead. This is another

example of why you shouldn't compromise on anything. The battery lasts up to 18 hours. The fact that you can transfer data

easily, thanks to the UWB (Ultra-wideband) technology. Everything's sorted out under control on the W10. The storage is

expandable up to 1TB+ and it comes with a microSD slots.

11. iPhone 13 Mini

The iPhone 13 mini has a compact design, it doesn't feel bulky and everything works perfectly on this one. The notch is

protected, that's what you should know about 5G phones. All other features are present in 2020 and everything, including

the camera. The rear camera setup is pretty versatile, allowing you to shoot pictures in different modes, from macro to

depth. It's the front camera that you'll appreciate the most. You can pick up this model for $399.00, but the manufacturer

will give you free shipping if you have ordered before November 24th.

12. OnePlus Nord 2

The OnePlus Nord 2 is the second version of the popular Nord series. After the launch of the 2018 model, the lineup

expanded and added several new pieces. The device looks clean and sleek, the 8GB RAM and 32GB storage will allow you to run

multiple programs, with a higher resolution of 6.58 inches. The device is also compatible with the new Snapdragon 865

chipset. The price of OnePlus Nords starts at $499.00 and includes 33W charging. Furthermore, it's one more reason for us

to recommend this one.

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